Thursday, December 29, 2016

Homeward Bound!

As I type this I am sitting in the Phoenix Airport, headed home from 5 days in Sedona, AZ with Michael. It's our favorite destination for so many reasons. Crisp mornings that lead to enjoyable daytime temperatures, amazingly blue skies and the laid-back pace are just a few of them.

But it's also how we feel when we are here. Free from stress and unburdened by life.

I've been conducting mini-workshops at work on the power of meditation, breathing and yoga as a prescription for stress management. As we spent time walking the trails and riding around the area my mind kept coming back to these workshops and the reality of the mind-body connection.

When we are here I am at peace in my thoughts and my body feels its best. No inflammation, no travel belly, minimal aches and pains.

I ponder this state of being. I'm not exercising the way I do at home (though we normally do over 10 miles of hiking in 3 days) and am sleeping in a hotel bed and eating at odd hours and at times not the healthiest. But I feel my absolute best. What gives?

Can it be as simple as this? Does being in your physical happy place elicit the same happy response from your brain that yoga and meditation do? Is travel a form of meditation all its own?

I think it really is that simple.

This post was written on 12/12/2016. A snafu led to it being published 12/29/2016.

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