Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wardrobe Challenge Update: Day 15

If you missed my earlier posts about my wardrobe challenge and my update on Day 5, you might want to visit those.

For today's update, I'm just jumping right in!

WTF was I thinking?
Idea was great, execution not so much. I would love to do this again, as in start over at September 1 with a totally different set of 10 pieces.

I have been researching A LOT as I try to build my capsule closet for Oct, Nov, Dec. I should have done all that research prior to committing to this 10 pieces thing. Here's why:

The Beyond Tee I selected to be my interest piece? It really only goes with 2 of my 4 bottoms; and I'm being generous here since one of my skirts is reversible. So in reality Beyond Tee + One Skirt. 

I am a blue-jean-shorts-and-t-shirt-to-the-grocery-store gal. When we go out on the weekends its to the farmer's market and maybe the neighbors to grill out. I have never in my life been one to get dolled up to go drink beer with the neighbors on their back deck. In the interest of full disclosure I've gone totally rogue on the weekends, with full support and blessings from 2 of my most trusted fashion consultants

All those blazers and scarves I thought I'd get tons of mileage out of? Apparently no one told mother nature that it's not supposed to be 100° in September.

What I continue to take away.
I like not having to think too hard about getting ready.

I am happy with the lack of color in my wardrobe. Of course my color palette has been the same my entire adult life, so this concern didn't actually pop up until some friends brought it to my attention!

40 pieces is probably my sweet spot - more dresses and skirts in summer and more pants and leggings in the winter. I am still working on my capsule and will keep you all in the loop.

I wear an XS in the striped tee I chose. Great time to find out since it's one of the more versatile of my 10 pieces.

If I could rewind time this is what I would do differently:
*I would have 12 pieces and eliminated scarves and blazers:

Bottoms (4)
*Grey and White Printed Pants
*Black ankle pants
*Mint pencil skirt
*Distressed denim shorts
Dresses (2)
*Black sleeveless dress
*Navy and Kelly green printed dress
Tops (5)
*White sleeveless
*Grey half-sleeve
*Striped tee
*Gelato top (see here)
*Graphic tee
Toppers (1)
*White blazer (yes it's after labor day, but with these temps no one actually realizes it yet)

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