Sunday, August 7, 2016

Who Inspires You?

This has been a crazy week; lots of emotions intersecting with a lot of travel and a little bit of drama among friends.

The same thought has been coming back to me over and over as I deal with it all: when people think of me, what do they say?

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I enjoying helping others - through my work day-to-day, by volunteering, lending a hand to a neighbor. But am I reliable? Am I someone you trust to do the right thing? Do I stick to my beliefs or do I waiver in uncomfortable situations?

A big part of being seen as the person I'd like to be is stepping away from the drama (and not feeding the monster as a friend so wisely put it this week), being generous with my love and acceptance and stingy with my judgements and dislikes and following through on promises - even if it means putting myself out there in ways that make me uncomfortable.

We celebrated a wonderful woman this week and her family and community honored her memory by sharing so many stories of her past. When she moved to her community in 1955 there had never been a musical. She was interested in the arts and was tasked with finding a director for Alexandria's first musical. She failed at this task.

But instead of giving up or tabling the project she stepped up and said "I'll direct." Despite having never taken a theatre or music class in her life, the production was a success and she directed a dozen more. She became such a success in large part because she failed at a task but was determined to still deliver the goods.

That's just a snippet of what she did for her community & her family, but it really stood out to me. And yet I wasn't surprised at all - because it's something she did over and over through her life. 

She was the blend of businesswoman-philanthropist-inspirationalist that I strive to be everyday.

Every story shared this week highlighted all these qualities. I hope that's what my legacy will be someday.

I don't know that there is anything to be learned from this post - I don't know that there is any actionable step or great advice outside of "don't be afraid to take chances". We hear this over and over in life, but are we really doing it in a way that builds character? I sure hope to.

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