Monday, August 29, 2016

Running for a Reason

$725 of $1,000 raised for the Steel City Greyhounds!

In May 2016 I Ran for a Reason for the very first time! I was nervous – I had committed to raising $350 for an organization that serves a city I no longer live in. I have minimal fundraising experience and am not always great at asking people for money.

But I did IT! I raised $700 - double my goal!

I took just over 26,000 steps that day, and it was worth every single one. Maybe it was because I was running for someone else this time. This race wasn’t about me – it was about the 90 mph couch potatoes (as they are often referred to) and the all-volunteer rescue that ensures they enjoy their retirement years!

Why did I choose the Steel City Greyhounds as my team? Here is the story I submitted to them, and I happily share it below.

When I was 21 my mom shared her plans to get my younger brother and sister a greyhound for Christmas. I thought she and my step-dad had temporarily lost their minds. They had a small house and already had 4 people and a cat taking up residence. Not to mention the fence that had to be built, the special food, the coats, the high-maintenance care....I thought they were crazy!

I met Rip on Christmas morning. He was fresh off the track and out of Santa's sleigh - and the sweetest animal I had ever seen. When I left to make the 8 hour drive home a couple days later I left a little piece of my heart with Rip. 

18 months later I found out about Greg - another retired racer in need of a good home. I called up my mom - lied and told her he had perfect teeth and was just a little skinny - and the next morning we were off. Greg and I on the open road. We made a few pit stops, had lunch and discussed some pretty serious matters in life over the 500 mile drive. He was a perfect gentleman and we formed a bond that lasted the next 8 years - even though I only saw him 1-2 times a year.

Even though it's been over 15 years since I met Rip, I've still haven't had my opportunity to adopt a greyhound. My parents have Mabel now, a sweet girl who never made it to the track. She was lucky enough to get adopted by my parents just short of her 1st birthday. Her spunky personality is different from any other greyhound I've met; but her sweet demeanor sure isn't.

2016 is the first year I contemplated running for a reason...and when I saw the "Steel City Greyhounds" the decision was made. This breed has brought so much happiness to our family, I was happy to give something back to their family of racers. Thanks for letting me be a part of the team!

I’ve decided to Run for a Reason once again on May 7th, 2017. My goal this year is $1,000 – and I think with your support I can do it! You can visit my fundraising page at:

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