Friday, August 21, 2015

Happy New (school) Year!

January 1. A time to start over. It’s New Year’s Day after all. The unofficial declaration of a new and healthier lifestyle for many. The busiest day at almost any gym.

Of the 45% of American’s who usually make New Year’s Resolutions, less than 50% of people maintain their resolutions through July 31, and only 8% are successful in achieving their resolutions.

The reasons vary, but the most common is setting your goals too high. “All-in” is often accompanied by burnout, injury and just plain unattainability.

Aim high, but not so high that there is not a steady, sustainable effort that will get you to the top.

But it’s not January 1, so why am I discussing goals and resolutions? Because this week is the start of a new year—a new school year.  At least here in Arkansas.  

A new school year, a new season, a chance to get a new perspective & a new teacher. A chance to reflect on the year so far—what has gone well? What needs fresh attention and improvement?

Think about it? Did you look forward to the new calendar year with as much excitement as the new school year? I know I didn’t! New school year meant new clothes, new routines and new friends!

Sustainability is the capacity to endure; to be diverse and productive over time; exhibiting the potential for long-term maintenance and well-being.  ~Darren Hardy

Resetting goals in September has the same effect (and same rewards)…so let’s start planning.
  • Set and write down your goal. I always recommend doing this in small and then large increments. What is your goal for October 15 (fall break)? December 31 (winter break)? What is your goal for June 1 (summer break)? Adjust as needed, but stay true to your short and long-term goals.  
  • Adjust your bedtime. Adjust your bedtime to allow for a minimum 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Wake up 15 minutes earlier (or more) to have some private time before the family wakes up and to reduce the feeling of being rushed. The optimal temperature for sleeping in 65°F. Better sleep encourages improved focus, mood, and energy!
  • Pack your lunch. Instead of hitting the restaurant down the street or the cafeteria, brown bag it most days of the week. It saves money, time and calories! Bonus points for packing the night before.
  • Find a fun extracurricular to participate in. Your friends loves the local boot camp but it just doesn’t do anything for you? Then don’t do it! Find something you love and enjoy doing and you’re are more likely to stick to it. Not everyone uses the same toothpaste, why should they all use the same workout?
  • Make new friends. Interesting in joining a kickball league? Sign up and make friends with the other members—it will keep you going and might inspire you to try new activities along the way.

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