Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Health Tips...from Betty Crocker?

You might remember last week, I posted about the shortcuts from 1950 that eliminated stress from household chores.  Well, another thing I ran across in that "shortcuts" section of Betty Crocker's cookbook were some tips on health.

I'm telling you what.  Betty is not only successful - she is one smart lady!..but then again, aren't we all?

Betty's advice below is designed to help reduce fatigue and and make chores less daunting. But adopting many of these habits will do more than just fight fatigue - they'll help with general health and wellbeing.  

Personal Outlook:  Eat proper food for health and vitality. Every morning before breakfast, comb hair, apply makeup, a dash of cologne, and perhaps some simple earrings.  Does wonders for your morale.

Prevent Unnecessary Fatigue:  Use a dust mop and a long-handled dust pan.  Use self-ringing mop (no stopping).

Vary Your Tasks:  Alternate sitting down tasks and standing up tasks.  Don't be on your feet too long at one time.  (addendum:  or on your butt)

Exercise:  Exercise, sunshine, fresh air are part of health. Get outdoors every day.  Take a walk, do some gardening, take the children for an outing or pay your neighbor a short visit.

Take Time to Rest:  If you have just a moment, sit down, put your feet up on a chair, close your eyes and just relax your muscles.  Let your arms, heads and head fall limp.

Practice Self-care:  If after following the rules for proper rest, exercise, diet, you are still tired and depressed, have a medical check-up and follow doctor's orders.

Refresh Your Spirit:  "Recreation" means "re-create"...for enthusiasm and courage.  Garden, pain pictures, pursue any hobby, look through a magazine for home planning ideas, read a good book, or attend club meetings.

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