Thursday, June 11, 2015

To naturebox™...or not? A quick review

I've heard a lot of hype about naturebox™ snacks lately, so when a friend offered to "snack" me I accepted!  For a mere $2 I received a box of goodies delivered right to my front porch!  Talk about convenience. 

For the monthly $19.95 is it worth it?  Well......perhaps for some.

It’s time to decide whether or not to continue my monthly subscription?  I vote NO…for me.
I enjoyed the selection of goodies they sent was complete with snacks to curb a sweet toothsalad toppers and salty snacks.  It was easy enough to order and quality of the snacks were top notch.  

So, why won't I be renewing?  We live close to Whole Foods and have a bulk section and our Kroger - both of which I visit at least once a week.  I can get the same (or similar) items there, and often do.

Would I suggest that you sign up for it...probably.  At minimum I would say give it a shot for one month.

Who do I think naturebox™ will be perfect for?  
The person....
  • just starting out and learning about healthy snacking & portion sizes
  • looking for variety in their diet/snack options
  • who always says "I should visit the bulk bins for new snacks" but never does
  • that "forgets" about snacks when shopping and hits the vending machine every workday
  • that just doesn't have time to plan their weekly menu as often as they'd like to (even though we all know why we should be doing it!)
What I love about naturebox™: 
  • You can build your own "pantry" of items you'd like to try (or that you never want to try again)
  • Easy sign-up and cancellation on-line
  • Discounts for paying in advance (up to 20%)
  • 5 snack ($19.95) or 10 snack ($39.95) with an options to add on items (like Oatmeal) for a nominal fee ($2-$5)
  • A great value! I received 21.5 individual servings of snacks for $19.95.  That's $0.93 per serving!
  • The snacks can be used for a variety of things and in general are dense, high energy snacks....think nuts and seeds…
Just be sure (as with any bagged snack) to READ THE LABEL and WATCH YOUR PORTIONS.  Buying small soufflé cups and measuring cups to leave at your desk (I have both at mine) or investing in a small food scale will be advantageous...and not only if you decide to subscribe to naturebox™.

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