Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning

For years people have been touting the benefits of apple cider vinegar. I first starting using it one winter when I had the flu - and I was immediately hooked when I realized it did much more than open my nasal passages and ease my headaches.

Here are a few reasons to add raw, unfiltered ACV to your grocery list (I like Bragg's).

Detoxification: ACV is rich in natural minerals, enzymes and vitamins, making it a great detoxifier. The acid binds to toxins and help the body elimate them more effectively, which also improves immune response. ACV also improves circulation, breaks up mucus in the body and cleanses the lymph nodes.

Promotes weight loss: ...when accompanied by a healthy diet. What it's really doing is helping balance blood sugar for longer periods of time, helping to control appetite and cravings caused by blood sugar crashes.

Helps with digestion: Probably the biggest claim to fame! IT can help with indigestion adn gastrointestinal discomfort and I have one friend who swears up and down that her acid reflux is completely cured since she started the practice of a glass to start her day! I

Helps ward of sickness: As mentioned above, ACV rids the body of mucas, making it my go-to when I have a sinus infection approaching. But the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes make this an item that can ward of common illnesses. In addition, ACV has antimicrobial and anitceptic properties.

When applied topically it can help alleviate skin problems & makes your locks soft and shiny:

When used as an astringent for acne prone skin, ACV has been said to help clear up and balance skin.

Diluting 1/3 cup ACV with 4 cups water and pouring over your hair after shampooing will remove buildup of styling products & conditioners, as well as balance pH levels, kill bacteria and cure dandruff. NOTE: due to the acidic properties of vinegar, daily use of the rise is not recommended.

Add Bragg's ACV to your shopping list and start your day tomorrow with a nice cup of warm water and 1-3 TBSP of ACV. After 7 days, let me know the results you see! I guarantee you'll be hooked.

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