Thursday, September 4, 2014

Did you know that exercise can help you.....

Manage your weight?  The more you exercise, the easier it is to keep you weight under control.  Cutting calories will help you lose the initial weight – maintaining an exercise program helps keep the weight off.  Dieting changes your weight – exercising changes your body!

Sleep Better?  A drop in body temperature signals to the body it’s time for sleep.  Exercise raises your core body temperature for 4-5 hours, and then it drops lower than it would had you not exercise letting your brain know “Hey, I’m tired!”

Increase focus and concentration?  When you get a good night’s sleep, you are more productive and concentration improves. 

Have more FUN?  Take your dog for a walk, push your kids on the swing set, sign up for that salsa class you’ve been eyeing.  Fitness doesn’t have to be boring and doesn’t have to mean going to the gym.

Improve your Mood?  Exercise stimulates chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy and relaxed.  It can also help with anxiety, depression and make you feel better about yourself.

Lower blood pressure?  Regular physical activity makes your heart stronger.  A stronger heart pumps more blood with less effort.  Less effort means less force on your arteries, which mean lower blood pressure.  **1-3 months to see the effect and it only stays down if you continue to exercise**

Lower blood glucose levels? When your muscles contract during activity, it stimulates another mechanism that is completely separate of insulin. This mechanism allows your cells to take up glucose and use it for energy whether insulin is available or not.  And when you are active on a regular basis, it can also lower your eAG (estimated Average Glucose). 

Lower bad cholesterol & raise good cholesterol?  Exercise lowers LDL by helping stimulate the enzymes that carry the LDL to the liver, where it is processed for excretion.  It raises HDL by increasing the size of the protein particles so they can’t squeeze through the lining of the heart & blood vessels and create a home there.  (Source:  Exercise to lower cholesterol, WebMD Medical Reference, Reviewed by:  Dr. Rob Hicks)

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