Friday, July 18, 2014

A few of my favorite things!

I'm not even going to lie to you.  I struggled this week.  I haven't posted in 10 days -- 10 full days!  And my mind has been racing....

What do I want to share?  What questions have I been hearing lately?  What do my readers want to know about?  What am I most excited about this week?  Ding ding ding! We have a winner!  There are so many things to be happy and thankful for this week - why not share some of those.

1)  “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero.  I read it every day for 2 weeks on my lunch break.  I laughed A LOT.  I highlighted A LOT.  I learned A LOT.  Whether you are looking to reinvent yourself, start a new journey or just need a good laugh, this woman will help you out.  Some of my favorite quotes include:
All this is to say it's not your fault that you're f***ed up.  It's your fault if you stay f***ed up.
Self-perception is a zoo.

You aren't a better person for feeling guilty or bad about yourself, just a sadder one.

You are responsible for what you say and do.  You are not responsible for whether or not people freak out about it.
And finally, my favorite: 
Love yourself more than you love your drama.
2)  Powdered Peanut Butter I think I actually let out a little squeal when I ran across this at Target.  If you know me at all you know how much I love peanut butter – in everything.  I add it to the pre-portioned Chocolate Nutrimeal I carry in my blender bottle for a quick shake between classes.  Just add 8-10oz of water and it’s transformed into Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cup goodness.  (I have also seen it in the organic section at Kroger & at a Smoothie King in Tennessee.) 

3) Going back to school.  Yes, I did it.  I bit the proverbial bullet.  I am officially enrolled as a full-time student and started classes on July 14, 2014.  If all goes as planned, I will graduate next summer with a Master’s in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.

4) Waterproof mascara.  BOOYAH!…no more raccoon eyes after class!  And it works!  I picked this particular tube up at ULTA for $6.00.  Sad to say it was the last one in the Rock – I was hoping to buy 2.

5) Lime Sparkling Water.  One sip was all it took – had one on Saturday when visiting our family in Louisiana and Sunday I ran to Kroger and bought an 8 pack.  It's refreshing, it's delicious and it beats soda every day of the week.  Yes, the best thing for you is water with a fresh slice of lime.  But for me, this is ok, too.  Just watch the ingredients – all sparkling water is not created equal. 

Have a happy, active weekend everyone!

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