Friday, March 7, 2014

Update: My 21 day challenge (Day 5)

Today is Day 5 and the last day of my USANA RESET, which should make the next 16 days a breeze!  Or at least a walk in the park.

After all the carbs I fed in preparation for the half marathon last weekend my body  needed a break -- and I feel great!

All this week I've had a USANA Nutrimeal shake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner & a USANA protein snack bar for mid-morning and mid-afternoon pick me ups.  Just one serving of fruit and unlimited raw and lightly steamed vegetables daily have really helped me balance my palate, boost my energy and make my tummy happy one!

No coffee in the mornings - just good old apple cider vinegar in a mug of piping hot water every morning....I had eliminated coffee from my morning routine when I did the RESET in November.   So I also didn't have to worry about headaches or withdraw.

No alcohol, no Naked Juice, no milk, no Kefir - no anything but 75 ounces of water a day.  I feel fantastic! (Have I mentioned that yet?)

Let me offer a little full disclosure:  it was HARD!  It tested me - there were 2 occasions this week when I know without a doubt I would have given into temptation.  Wednesday I would have had pizza for lunch (because it was free as part of a lunch and learn) and Thursday it would have been a slice of cake (at a graduation party).  So there are 2 times I would have thought "It's ok, I rarely do this"....hmmm.....

My diet is void of the foods below by design, but when I go out or am at a celebration do they creep in more often than I'd like?  Am I living a 90/10 rule or am I more like a 75/25 do-gooder?  My goal is to be at 100% without beating myself up when I stumble along the way.  Over the next 16 days I will continue to challenge myself to resist:

  • biscuits, cookies & cakes
  • donuts muffins & pastries
  • candy
  • chocolate
  • white bread, white pasta and white potatoes
  • ice cream and frozen yogurt
  • fast food 
  • chips
  • soda
Will anyone join me over the next 16 days?  I had help getting through the first 5 and would love some encouragement and support getting through the next 16.

I am confident I can make it and am excited to keep marking those days off the calendar....

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