Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Day 10 Check in

So, I am off to bed soon and am just checking in with a Day 10 update.  It's been easier than I thought it would be!  Don't get me wrong, I've had my moments.  But as I sit here with a glass of wine by my side, I am thinking back over the last 10 days and thinking about how much better I feel.   Hey - wine wasn't on that "no" list!

No doubt starting with the USANA RESET helped tremendously; making it through those first 5 days were the hardest.  I expect the next 11 will not be as smooth as I'd like but I do think the hardest part is behind me. 

I've picked up a few extra classes to teach this week - which means I taught 3 on Tuesday and 4 today,  with a workday sandwiched in between the classes.  You would think this would lead to exhaustion, but I actually feel like I have more energy that usual!  And on the heels of a time change no less.

Less sugar by way of process starchy carbs has helped limit the spikes in blood sugar and kept my mid-afternoon blahs at bay.   Such an inspiration to continue to "Just Say No"

I've also had some help this week with avoidance.... no graduations, no parties, no lunch and learns or business lunches to attend.  Just me and my kitchen to throw together lunches and dinners. 

Tonight was a modified version of Elizabeth Finch's Effortless Quinoa Kitchen Sink Dinner (I made up the name, she inspired the dish!)

  • Cooked quinoa
  • Roasted Orange Bell Peppers and Chunked Onions (Toss in olive oil and bake on 400 for 20 min)
  • Steamed Spinach & Arugala blend
  • 1 can of organic beans (Kidney, Black and Pinto Tri-bean mix) drained and rinsed
  • Mix in a small amount of organic pasta sauce and top with just a pinch of sea salt

Yum - perfect for Meatless Monday!  


I went to Oaklawn on Saturday to see the horses.  I had a Reuben on Rye (no cheese or sauce) and only ate about half of it but still, not need to beat myself up...back on the saddle I go.  This isn't a "Ah, I blew it, there's no turning back"  This is about doing the best you can and forging ahead.  

I grabbed and chewed a piece of gum today.  You know the really sugary, Dubble Bubble kind that is full of sugar and has a flavor that lasts only 3-4 minutes.  I had a moment where I wasn't consciously aware of what I was doing and I just grabbed a piece and popped it in my mouth!  Who knows what we are eating when we aren't paying attention - retrain your brain!  Now is the time to do it!  

In case you haven't read my earlier posts, my 21 day challenge runs March 3 - March 23 and I just say NO to:

*biscuits, cookies & cakes
*donuts muffins & pastries
*white bread, pasta and potatoes
*ice cream and frozen yogurt
*fast food (yes, even no Chipotle!)

*coffee and black tea

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