Friday, March 28, 2014

I made it! (Written Monday, March 24)

It's Day 22!  I made it through my 21 day challenge with nary a slip.  If you need a recap or aren't sure what I'm talking about, refer to my earlier post here:  My 21-day challenge

So here's how it went...

Days 1-5 were the hardest!  I was tempted with cake, pizza and wine at dinner...but I made it through!  They really laid a great foundation...until day 6 when I had a Reuben and a Michelob Ultra at Oaklawn.  Dinner followed at an Italian Restaurant (I know,  a girl who can't eat white pasta goes to an Italian joint..sounds like the intro to a bad joke...) but I found a crab cake stuffed portobello and strawberry salad with balsamic and vinegar that fit the bill.  So, not a perfect day, but no reason to give up.  Just step up and start the next day anew.

The rest of the days flew by in a blur...I did have a slip up here and there...for example my sugary bubble gum incident, but overall it was quite easy to find alternatives when I THOUGHT ABOUT WHAT I WAS EATING.  When we consciously think about every item that goes into our body, it's easy to see the alternatives that lie all around.  Everywhere we went I found something I could eat (from the Italian restaurant to the Czech/German bistro, to the work cafeteria) while on my challenge.  And the most amazing part - I didn't leave any establishment full, lethargic, which I would have "stopped sooner" -- none of that!

Let's face it, I've had a pretty healthy diet for awhile, but I also used to have a different mentality when it came to certain restaurants...but now I know.  There are no matter where you go these days, there is always a healthy option waiting.  You just have to THINK ABOUT your choices.

Remember:  Small, daily improvements [choices] are the key to staggering long term results.  Start Small.  Finish Strong.  

On a bonus note, I just found out today that March is National Nutrition Month - so my 21-day challenge was planned for the perfect month!  Now - what should my next 21 day challenge be?  Nutrition related or perhaps professional development a meaningful book in a related field or on self-improvement for 30 minutes each day?  Sit with soft classical or zen music for 10 minutes every day to relax?  Give me your input - I want to know!

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