Thursday, January 30, 2014

The proof is in, well, the results!

People say to stick with it.  They say the results will come.  Small steps.  But you swear you don't see changes.  You feel defeated, you are ready to give up and frankly, you don't want to hear it anymore.

So today I am not going to tell you any of that - I am going to SHOW you!

I have 2 ladies that have been working out with me steady since May 14, 2013; we'll call them Lady W and Lady J.  That is when they took their first "fit test" and neither have missed a workout since that day (well maybe 1 or 2).  And see the results for yourself....

59 switch kicks to 100?!  10 burpees to 18?!  These women rock my socks!  The fit test on the left is May 14, 2013 - on the right is January 9, 2014, almost 8 months to the day later.

There are no disclaimers here – this can be typical results for anyone committed to their own health. 

As I am sure these women will tell you, the numbers you see above can be credited to not only hard work, but with a lifestyle change.  They don't just come to bootcamp 2 days a week, they walk their dogs in the evening, they've cleaned up their diet, and they make all the small choices that have led to the big payoff.  It's all encompassing and it works!

So whether your path to health is driven by family, by friends, by health or by your desire to hike Pinnacle don't lose focus and don't give up.  You'll get there -- just like Lady W and Lady J.  

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