Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More than a physical journey

I saw this image on the I Love to Run ( Facebook page and started thinking about how much I've changed since making health my top priority - ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, not just from 5:30-6:30a 5 days a week.

The journey has been as emotional as it has been physical. Muscles have hurt and feelings have hurt and disappointment has hurt. Goals have been set and broken, as have bad habits and unhealthy choices. There have been so many ups and downs. True strengths, true weaknesses and achieving things imagined impossible. No more "I'll never be able to" - I want to prove myself wrong! Or prove myself right. But I want to KNOW IT.

My dress size is a 4, my heart rate is a healthy 54 bpm and my blood pressure is a steady 100/60. I feel energized. I have healthy skin and love my hair! That “2:30 feeling” rarely shows up anymore.

Most importantly I am HAPPY, challenged, and blessed to have relationships and camaraderie with people I would have never experienced without the bonds of fitness and healthy living.

Here’s to health and a healthy new year!

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