Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving is here! Thanksgiving is here!

Ah, Thanksgiving…my favorite holiday is finally upon us!

I have been waiting (im) patiently since the first crisp morning in September. It’s my personal New Year. A time to reflect on the so many things I have to be thankful for and an opportunity to start NOW with a new mindfulness that allows me to remember DAILY the oh so many things I have to be thankful for – my health, my strength, love, happiness, great new friends and fabulous old. And forget what I learned in Girl Scouts – there is no silver and gold - you are all PLATINUM to me!

And let's not forget family. This is the only week of the year I can spend infinite amounts of time surrounded by family members and not go bonkers. I love the chaos, I love the running around, I love the full house!

And 2013 is extra special – not only do we get to celebrate Thanksgiving, but Hanukkah as well!

Thanksanukkah if you will!

Other than family, nothing is more synonymous with Thanksgiving than overeating - hello turkey, and stuffing, and mashed potatoes - oh, and can someone pass the green bean casserole? Oh - and make sure you save room for the pumpkin pie with the whipped topping - and maybe just a slice of pecan later. And wine - yes - lots of wine please! And thank you!

And after the game (Steelers vs. Ravens, proof that all good things are meant to be) – how about a turkey sandwich and maybe just another small sliver of pie. No wonder everyone naps all afternoon – the 2ndmost popular thing to do on Thanksgiving! (as determined by me)

So, how do I keep a healthy mind& sneak in some fitness amid all this excitement??
  1. Jump start the morning with a quick circuit to get your heart rate up and your calorie burn on! You can even do this one in your bathroom or hotel room - or better yet - meet them all in the living room for a little family time before you fire up the oven!
    1. Warm Up: Alternating straight-leg toe touches – 1 minute
    2. Workout (x2)
      1. 10 burpees
      2. 25 squats
      3. 10 push-ups
      4. 20 mountain climbers
      5. 60 second plank
    3. Cool down: Down dog – 1 minute
  2. Or better yet – sign up for a Turkey Trot. Go Running! holds Little Rock’s Turkey Trot (free of charge!) with run/walk options of 3, 4 or 6.5 mile routes. So grab the family, lace up, and head out for a new family tradition!
  3. DANCE PARTY! Turn the music up and have a dance off – you’ll burn an extra 125 calories for every 30 minutes of rocking out -- and you are guaranteed to share more than a few laughs with your family.
  4. Remember that old tradition of football in the backyard? Let’s bring it back folks, let’s bring it back.
  5. Make your own cranberry sauce – skip the canned sauce, which is full of sugar and preservatives…
  6. Chose Pumpkin. Of all the pies on Thanksgiving, it’s the best of the bad. The pumpkin offers you some fiber, and the added sugar in Pecan Pie also adds an extra 135 calories per slice. And by slice I mean 1/8 of a standard pie. Not your monster slice that may say, only have you cutting the pie in 4.
  7. Walk it off! For every plate of food you eat, walk 10 minutes. For every slice of pie, tack on another 15. This will burn some extra calories, boost your energy level and I guarantee you’ll feel better come Black Friday! (and if you’re on a time crunch you’ll have to skip seconds to fit your walk in!)
Happy Thanksanukkah everyone!

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