Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Love a loaded gym!

Imagine my delight yesterday when I went in to hop on the treadmill yesterday and found a fully stocked weight rack!  

So here's my handy 30-minute hotel workout should you find yourself in a similar situation....I used 3 different weights - a 15lb dumbell for the squats, single-leg deadlifts & side lunges, a 10lb for tricep & bicep moves and 5lbs for the shoulder raises

Squats with single dumbell x25
Single-leg deadlift x10 per leg (w/row)
Single-leg kickback x10 per leg (w/ tricep kickback)
Plie Squat x25 (w/ overhead lateral shoulder raise)
Calf raise x20 (w/ tricep pulse)
Side lunge x15 per (w/ front should raise 1st half)
Stationary lunges x12 per leg (w/ bicep curl)
Walking lunges x10 per leg

REPEAT 3x with 60 rest between sets

Start with a light 5 minute warmup & end qith a good 3-4 minute stretch/cool-down.  

Good luck & get moving!

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