Monday, September 30, 2013

Why haven't I seen a difference yet?

So many people start a 6-week BootCamp and halfway through are wondering..."why haven't I seen a difference yet?"  The answer is be patient, be diligent, and don't give up!

Think of your body like a garden.  If you plant seeds today, you don’t expect to eat a bountiful harvest tomorrow.  You continue to cultivate the seeds, giving them nourishment, water, and time to grow.  It takes time and patience to develop, as it does with a new workout regimen.

If philosophy and metaphors aren’t for you…think of it in these terms.  Print it out, tape it to your full length mirror, set it as your wallpaper on your work computer or your phone…just comitt it to memory!  Especially if you are just starting your journey to a healthier you!

By the end of week 4 you will start to feel a difference -- you won't be quite as  sluggish, those pants might be just a bit too loose, your skin will be a little bit brighter, you’ll be able to push out an extra 2-3 pushups in that 15 second block….

At the end of week 8 your closest friends & family will really start to see the will see the definition in your arms a little, maybe have to pin a pair of pants...wait, girl, where have those cheekbones been hiding?!?

Finally, at the end of 12 weeks the rest of the world will start to notice.  That cute barista at Starbucks just gave you a 2nd look, or one of your neighbors calls out "Hey, lookin’ good - tell me your secret!"  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to make dry shampoo for post workout fabulous hair!

Check out this video by my former BootCamp trainer, the spark that reignited my fitness passion, and the inspiration behind many of our workouts. Lucky enough to be called Chief Stiletto at BWell Couture, I follow her on Facebook (and now on YouTube).

I have always been a fan of the every few days wash (which one day my significant other will understand) please don't judge me now that you know!  This video tutorial shows a great and inexpensive way to keep your locks fresh without stripping them of color, nutrients or the body that can only be found in slightly under-washed hair!

Look up Lyndsey on Facebook at

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What shoes do I need to wear to BootCamp?

During our session Friday morning we starting talking about proper footwear....are  running shoes good for Boot Camp or should you buy something specific to cross-training?   Whatever the answer to this debate proper footwear is CRITICAL.

If you've never heard of the Kinetic Chain let me give you a quick tutorial:  The skeleton is a group of bones that are linked together by joints and covered in muscles.  They encompass the majority of organs and are controlled by the nervous system.  This system is responsible for all human movement and starts from the ground upIf one link of the kinetic chain is askew, the entire chain will react accordingly. (1)  So if you aren't wearing the right shoes, the base of the kinetic chain is already compromised.  And how can we have an effective workout when the foundation is already catywompas.

What is the proper shoe for you?  This all comes down to FIT....your shoe should fit and feel good the moment you try it on - there should be no "breaking in" period for a fitness shoe.  Studies show that shoes perform best when they fit best.

If you are a  runner (in marathon training or 20+ miles per week) and using boot camp as a cross-training activity no more than 2 days a week, one pair of running shoes may fit the bill for you.  

If you are mostly a gym or fitness class junkie and you supplement your weight training with light cardio then a pair of cross trainers will probably be your best bet.  Often running shoes do not provide adequate ankle stability or support for lateral movement required in many fitness classes and Boot Camp. 

I have always been in the 2 different activities = 2 different kind of shoes camp.  During training season I have a pair of running shoes for training runs only and a pair of cross trainers for all other activity.   Except hiking, when I wear my hiking shoes...but I digress.

I personally suggest taking a ride over to Fleet Feet Easy Runner if a running shoe is what you are looking for. They will help you with fit and observe you on a short run so that they can  prescribe the best type of shoe for you.  I bought a pair today and (even though I have been wearing the same model for years) had them take a look to see if I've picked up any bad habits and to make sure the model still supported me in the way that I need (or don't).

Follow this link to Energeia Boot Camp to hear what Jennifer Lima (owner and Head Trainer) offers on choosing the right shoe.  
(1) Quoted from Beachbody®  INSANITY® Certification Course Manual

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