Saturday, December 2, 2017

Bodd Camp

It probably seems I've abandoned the blog - but I haven't! The last few months have been crazy; I got hired on full time (FINALLY!) at the company I have been contracting with the past few years. While the job position itself hasn't changed, I am working harder to build and understand my long-term role with the company. In addition, August - November are pretty hectic as we get annual screenings and programming off the ground!

Never fear, though, I am back and am going to be posting regularly again - at least once a month with updates and tips related to heath and wellness. I also have a goal to include more information on the role of Corporate Wellness and how important a well-rounded program, with professional, trained staff on the payroll.

The past few months have been quite a whirlwind for me. I had a birthday and a class reunion in August, a trip to South Carolina for my mom's 60th birthday in September, a trip to Nashville to celebrate a good friends birthday in October and my first visit to LSU's Tiger Stadium in November.

The most shaking and eye-opening experience for me in the past few months was probably Bodd Camp, a weekend wellness retreat in Ponca, AR. I turned my phone off the minute I pulled into the drive and spent an amazing 36 hours completely detached from the rest of the world, hiking, doing sunrise yoga, making s'mores and getting to know 23 other amazing women. All from different walks of life, all in different seasons (and decades) of their journey.

For that weekend, as we really should be always, we were just together: no labels, no expectations, just BEING. We were all there trying to find something - time away, new friends, clarity, peace, answers.....the list goes on, but I am confident we all left with a piece of something amazing.  For me, it was the reminder that being true to who I am is the most important part of being happy.

I'll be honest - parts seemed a little granola-y to me...but it was an amazing experience and while almost 2 months have gone by I can still feel the strength I found that weekend every day. Some days are easier than others, but I know that those 36 hours lead me to a little bit of a straighter path to the future.

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